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No matter which event is in the works, good food is (almost) always on the agenda. As a host you probably want something a little more special for your guests than paper plates. Instead, you could use beautiful tableware to go with your delicious food — not only is this appropriate for the occasion, but it automatically transforms an unassuming table into an inviting table. The only problem: who has uniform tableware, cutlery and glasses to hand for more than 20 guests? Fortunately, at gotvintage we have a straightforward and uncomplicated solution! We rent out a huge selection of dishes, cutlery, glasses, cups, bowls, plates, wine and other glasses, and you can choose from either a matching set or a stylishly thrown together mix. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, dinner events, Christmas parties or corporate events of all kinds! 

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A style to match every taste

Whether vintage, modern, minimalistic or a unique look: we have the right tableware and crockery for every taste. Our stock ranges from high-quality modern pieces to classic porcelain items — and in a multitude of colors, patterns and shapes! One of our absolute favorites is our golden cutlery set “Ines”, which is on trend right now. Even without further decorative elements such as flowers or vases, it instantly transforms every table into a stylish setting.

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We take care of your table settings

If it’s time for a bit of outside help and you need the support of decoration experts, then we are here for you! Since 2013 we have been taking care of table settings for a wide variety of events, always creating a table concept that is guaranteed to make an impression and that fits perfectly to your given style. By the way — we not only bring crockery, cutlery and glasses, but can also provide other decorative highlights that will delight your guests!

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