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Table Spoon Antonia Silver-Plated Mismatching


These silver-plated, vintage soup spoons should not be missing on any festive decorated table. With their beautiful patina and different patterns, every soup can be enjoyed in proper style. You can rent from us a wide range of cutlery in a silver-plated mismatching look: mocca and tea spoons, dinner forks and knifes, soup spoons and ladles, pastry tongs and cake servers.

Matching the silver soup spoon, we rent the Antonia cutlery range including a dinner fork, dinner knife and spoon, soup spoon, teaspoon and cake fork.

Item No. 000141
Stock 500 pcs
Size 2419 cm (H/W/D)
Weight .08 kg
0,90 € / 0,76 € net, Rental price per item / Items per unit 10


500 in stock


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