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Vase Caldera L Green Terracotta


This ivory-coloured vase from the Caldera series, with its contrasting glaze, is the very special item amongst the rustic vessels.
Multiple vases used, they give a beautiful picture and look equally good at spring and summer events. Whether as a vase for a great colourful autumn or blue cornflower bouquet or as a vessel on the buffet vase Caldera is diverse and has a beautiful patina.

Terracotta from southern Italy. The ancient cylindrical storage vessel dates back to the 1920s and was used for storing vegetables in oil and vinegar. Now well cleaned you can turn the vessels into a vase for your event styling or wedding decoration.

Item No. 001317
Stock 3 pcs
Size 403030 cm (H/W/D), ∅ 30 cm
Weight 2 kg
24,00 € / 20,17 € net, Rental price per item / Items per unit 1


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