Ecological Birthday Celebration in the Nature of Hamburg

Intimacy and a connection with nature were at the heart of our event concept for this three-day birthday marathon in the Hamburg area, which included five different settings and event designs. It was a creative as well as logistical challenge that we gladly embraced. In this beautiful environment, sustainable implementation was also a priority for us.

Thus, at the casual welcome picnic on Friday evening, hay bales, sourced from a neighboring farm, along with our wildflower decorations, filled the air with the scent of carefree country life.

Why rent outdoor furniture in Berlin and transport it to the north when there is such an atmospheric and authentic alternative nearby? Therefore, we collaborated with our clients during the event planning and initial venue inspection to find an environmentally friendly and resource-conscious solution, researching and contacting local farms with our unusual rental request. Enhanced with our own vintage picnic blankets and cozy linen cushions „Cosme“, the guests were immersed in the summery rural idyll from the moment they arrived.

Closeness to Nature and Seclusion

During Saturday’s lunch on a small island, we decorated the buffet with a lavish and wild-looking floral decoration. Numerous flowers, herbs, and plants adorned our vintage metal tubs “Ernesto”, metal buckets “Enrique”, and champagne cooler “Paloma”. The harmonious interplay of our event furniture and decorations with the beauty of untouched nature created a uniquely picturesque atmosphere.

Nature-Inspired Decoration Ideas

Following the lunch was the perfect dinner featuring a 40-meter-long table for 150 guests. The classic and minimalist table decor underscored its harmony with the birthday venue in its restraint and elegance. We signaled a close-to-nature and relaxed coziness to the dining area through our “Acharas” jute rugs. With the rough material, we captured the texture and feel of the surroundings in a suitable color spectrum. Our decoration service for the birthday dinner also included subtle floral arrangements, adding accents to the natural scenery without being distracting. In the evening, after a golden sunset, we lit up a sea of lights for the guests, illuminating the night with a composition of countless lanterns, candles in glass cylinders, and tealights until late into the night.

Local and Sustainable

A casual outdoor brunch on the third and final day marked the conclusion of this impressive yet relaxed birthday event. For this setting, we borrowed historical market stalls from the region, which were not available in our inventory, and it brought us great pleasure to organize suitable rental furniture that aligned with the client’s vision. Once again, we were able to find a sustainable and authentic solution with a nearby loan. Designing sustainable events is important to us, which is why we focused on environmentally friendly planning with local alternatives and the reuse of almost all floral decorations, constantly refreshing and incorporating them into the various settings in subtle variations.