Mediterranean Marketplace in a Berlin Courtyard

20th Anniversary Celebration

Every company anniversary is a proudly told and celebrated success story, rewarding stakeholders and employees with an event that will be remembered for a long time. For the company celebration of a Berlin-based painting company, we designed a Mediterranean floral and event design. The terracotta facade color, the golden light at sunset, and the historically inspired cobblestone pavement completed the illusion of a farmer’s market somewhere in southern Europe.

Rustic Charm and Intense Flavors

For the absolutely authentic atmosphere, we brought our antique wooden cart „Anselmo” and decorated it with garlic, onions, chili peppers, and fresh herbs brought specifically from Italy, their aromatic scent spreading throughout the entire courtyard. The wooden wine crates „Urundel“, baguette baskets „Oliver“ and woven baskets „Estefan” completed the farmer’s market-style buffet.

Authenticity with Vintage Mismatched Chairs

In agreement with the client, we opted for our vintage rental furniture with maximum rustic charm. The patina of the wooden tables and the dark wood of the mismatched tavern chairs gave the courtyard the perfect marketplace atmosphere. For the table decor of the company celebration, we revisited the Tuscan theme and juxtaposed wildflowers with black tomatoes for contrast.

Tuscan Table Decor

Subtly yet strikingly beautiful, our floral arrangement shone in late summer colors. We opted for vases made of different materials. Our combination of wooden vases „Blanco“ in Wabi-Sabi style, complemented by small white ceramic vases „Milagros“, and the mismatched tin cans „Claudio“, repurposed as if by chance, completed the Mediterranean concept of the banquet tables. As if arranged spontaneously, the table decor exuded the carefree and grounded essence of country life. And as if we had coordinated with the weather gods, the sunset later bathed the entire setting in perfectly fitting golden-orange light, completing the Mediterranean atmosphere.