Our Founder Margarita Gozalvez in the Spotlight

An Interview with Deutsche Welle

It’s late summer. gotvintage founder and CEO Margarita Gozalvez puts the finishing touches on the table decoration and straightens her dress. In the green courtyard, just behind our warehouse, we’ve decorated various summery settings for our visitors. Pia Castro arrives with her film crew for her Deutsche Welle program ‘¡Aquí Estoy!’, which showcases Argentine founders in Berlin and their businesses. They engage in lively conversation in a picnic and garden party atmosphere, discussing Marga’s business model, the 10-year success story of her decor rental service, and her passion for aesthetic vintage designs and extraordinary event decorations.

Versatility and a Full Repertoire

With three interchangeable floral decorations, we transformed the table decor of the banquet with just a few adjustments, varying seasonally accented table settings. We combined a spring flower arrangement with fresh peppers and fruits, a summery, locally sourced bouquet of wildflowers and meadow blooms, and autumnal dried flowers, which, for us, represent sustainable event designs through their reusability and durability. To create a deeply relaxed interview atmosphere, we showcased our picnic lounge in all its cozy glory. Comfortably furnished with our outdoor rental furniture, cushions, blankets, and rugs, it’s often requested for casual company events or birthday parties.

The Holy Halls and a Glimpse Behind the Scenes of an Event Rental Company

Next, we opened the doors to our multi-generational living space, inhabited by 8,500 glasses, including 850 dining plates, and countless handpicked modern and vintage decor items and rental furniture. Gathered with devotion over 10 years, polished, repaired, and restored, this array of unique pieces enables Marga’s distinctive blend of styles. Fearlessly combining and repurposing vintage elements from various design epochs, she creates new and unconventional contexts, and can indeed tell a story about each object. This close connection to her inventory, along with her passion and experience as a designer, is palpable in every one of her event concepts and has now been captured on camera thanks to Deutsche Welle.

We thank the crew of Deutsche Welle for this exciting and also exhausting day of shooting. The team was impressed by our passionate work and Marga’s dedication. For us, it was the perfect opportunity to show viewers the logistical and planning processes that take place behind the scenes until a sensually beautiful table decoration is perfected.
You can watch the video here in Spanish: ¡Aquí Estoy! – DW