Our Home Game 2023: A summer celebration for 1. FC Union Berlin

Swept up by a wave of excitement akin to a stadium wave, the festival vibe of our event decor washed over the guests at the 1.FC Union’s sponsor gala. For the event design of the Berlin football club, we incorporated the team’s colors and transformed the Strandbad Wendenschloß in Berlin Köpenick into a festival grounds with various areas and outdoor lounges for celebration and meet-and-greets with the players. To evoke a summery allure, our floral decorations featured a mix of local and tropical flowers and plants, strategically positioned in vintage metal tubs, planters, and wooden crates, creating an oasis-like atmosphere. Draped in color-coordinated fabrics, even the old and magnificent trees cheered on as the most loyal fans, adorned in club jerseys.

Event Concept with Festival Vibes

Under the finest weather conditions and with a view of the lake, camaraderie flourished effortlessly. Our simple table decoration, featuring vases „Milagros” and Glass Vase „Bacoya” along with tealights, subtly added decorative accents, enhancing the brilliance of the team colors in the friendly match with the beautiful surroundings.

The Garlands in Team Colors Swayed like Waves in the Wind

Guests were invited to relax in lounge chairs with their feet in the sand, enjoying the stage program. Meanwhile, the sea of colors from the garlands rustled softly in the breeze. The combination of wooden apple crates „David“, vintage metal crates „Huberto“, and zinc tubs „Ernesto” served as lavishly decorated planters, creating focal points and enhancing the aesthetics of a summer festival.

Relaxation is Sacred

With a wink and a nod, we paid homage to the football gods of 1.FC Union with a decorated chapel, which we designed as another outdoor lounge and spot to relax in the shade.