Rum and Tea Time with Botucal

Sierra Madre is one of the leading German importers and distributors of high-quality liquor — including the Venezuelan rum, Botucal. In order to further increase brand awareness for Botucal in Germany, Sierra Madre organised an Influencer Event, for which we from gotvintage were invited to realise the event styling. For this event we created two areas in a location in Kreuzberg, Berlin: The Tea Time Area and the Rum Lounge. As the word “Botucal” comes from the Indian term “Botuka”, meaning “green hill”, we tried to feed this into our decoration concept.

Inviting Coffee Table for Tea Time

In order to reflect the motto “green hill” accordingly, we placed the focus on individual plants, setting them as eye-catching statements on the table. To tie in nicely to this natural theme, we used our vintage cake set, small milk jugs and the big tea and coffee pots from the “Carmen” series upon which floral patterns and different colors exist. Thanks to this approach a light, relaxed and casual atmosphere was created in the cozy area, where the influencers could drink tea and coffee — but of course, not without a shot of Botucal rum! The guests also sampled Botucal spirits from the mismatching lowball whiskey glasses “Patricia”.

Repurposed Decoration Highlights as Eye-Catchers

The green plant accents ran through the entire location. We turned our metal coal bucket “Aquilino” into a vase, as well as the huge milk bucket “Ismael”. We decorated both with fragrant fir branches, cones, dried roses and blossom to match the season; the perfect place to enjoy a winter drink. A very special highlight was our “Tabor” serving trolley, on which we stylishly presented one of the Botucal rum varieties under a glass bell.

Influencer Friendly Lounge Area

Our vintage couch and our velvet armchairs “Pringles” found a suitable spot in the lounge area. Together with our huge suitcase “Hilario”, which served as a coffee table, they formed the perfect place for the influencers to meet and mix. The gold-colored candleholders “Loretta”, which we set throughout the location, provided a warm and atmospheric light — perfect for selfies with their new favorite brand of rum!

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