The perfect table setting in a Box

You will bring your guests together at your table, we will deliver ahs and ohs about the decoration right to your doorstep. Our gotvintage tablescape boxes are brimming with everything you need to set a romantic, festive or elegant dinner table to remember – with high-end tableware and glassware, shiny cutlery, vintage vases, candles, flowers and more. So you can plan the look of your table online, then lean back and let the table setting come to you for once.

Our Tablescape Box

What's in it?

Each box comes with two complete place settings and tasteful decorations that will turn your table into something special. You can keep the flowers as a souvenir, everything else will return to gotvintage. Are you more than two people? No problem, simply choose the right total number of people during the check-out process.

How It Works

1 | Choose your Style

Go to and select your favourite package, including everything you need.. We provide everything you’ll need on the table – glassware, china, cutlery, flowers and more. You will find a detailed list within each style description.

2 | What would you like?

Invited all important people and got your RSVPs back? Then simply place your order through our online booking system and let us know how many table settings you will need and if you would like everything delivered to your door or if you prefer to pick it up.

3 | Get Your Box

We will carefully and happily pack your gotvintage Tablescape Box with everything you need for your dream table. It will be delivered contactless to your door, or you can pick it up at our Berlin location.

4 | Celebrate the good times!

You are now all ready to set your table, gather your loved ones, hear a lot of ahs! and ohs! about the beautiful setting and enjoy that sumptuous holiday dinner in style. Enjoy that magical time!

5 | Wrap up in a Second

Ones, the party is over you can repack the tableware as you received it after giving it a quick rinse. And the best thing: you can keep the flowers. You can now return your box or have it collected at your front door.

Celebrate Summer

Find a wonderful selection of summery styles for lovers of romantic white settings in our Midsummer Romance Box or cheerful styles in happy colours in our Summer Blossom Box. Feeling like a short trip to France? Check out our Fête Provençale box.

Tablescape Box | Midsummer Romance

Tablescape Box hire, decoration, candles

Short nights, long parties, that’s our formula for romantic and elegant summer parties. An all-white table setting with minimalistic plates, delicately tinkling glasses and golden cutlery on natural-coloured linen napkins are the perfect setting for an all-night gathering. As a highlight on the table, delicate white flowers in crystal vases float above everything.

29,50 € per Person

Rent Tablescape Box Midsummer Romance

Tablescape Box | Summer Blossoms

When the temperatures climb rapidly, wildflowers and roses start to bloom and our heart is filled with song – that is a happy time of the year, a time to bring the flowers to your table and enjoy a dinner with all senses. Set your table with rustic rattan placemats, minimalist plates, vintage silver cutlery and pink glasses that are waiting to be filled with your favourite summer drink. Colourful flower arrangements in glass vases spread joy throughout your event.

29,50 € per Person

Rent Tablescape Box Summer Blossoms

Tablescape Box | Fête Provençale

Do you fancy a trip to France? Do you wanna dive into that joie de vivre? No problem, let the feeling come to you this summer. Set your table with our vintage French plates with the most intricate flower patterns and mismatched antique silver cutlery and provencale linen napkins. Serve French wines and water from our blue and white crystal glasses. Twisted candles in crystal holders set the right light for the table that is completed with wonderful summer flowers in blue and white.

29,50 € per Person

Rent Tablescape Box Fête Provençale