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Espresso Spoon Antonia Silver-Plated Mismatching


Do you offer your guests an espresso at a late hour? You can rent gorgeous espresso spoons with different patterns from us. The silver-plated, mismatching collection of the Antonia series is for real connoisseurs and lovers of details. The espresso spoons are part of a beautiful, silver-plated rental cutlery with an elegant patina.
You can rent a wide range of cutlery in a silver-plated mismatching look, from mocca spoons and spoons, dinner forks and dinner knives, soup spoons and soup ladles to pastry tongs and cake servers.

Item No. 000912
Stock 150 pcs
Weight .01 kg
0,90 € / 0,76 € net, Rental price per item / Items per unit 10


150 in stock


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